It's a match! Bendesk and Telekom TechBoost

It’s a match! Bendesk and Telekom TechBoost

With relationships, that’s always such a thing. Does it fit, does it not fit? Do we speak the same language? Are we looking in the same direction? As far as Telekom’s start-up program is concerned, we have to say: it’s a match indeed! And if it fits so well, you don’t go around for long, but take the next step. What does that mean? Quite simply, we are taking part in the start-up program TechBoost.

This supports young innovative companies with a cloud-based business model with extra storage space in the cloud, know-how in sales and marketing and of course, not to mention, with an interesting network of start-ups with a wide variety of ideas, incubators and influencers.

Thumbs up, we’re happy!