Corporate Pension in Times of COVID-19

The Coronavirus has the stock market under control, which is why many are now asking, how their company retirement funds will endure. These special times require special measures, which is why we have decided to respond with a video message:

We want to inform you that there is no reason to panic, as many insurers are showing resilience. A prime example can be seen at Canada Life. The insurer which is in charge of a large volume of pension contracts, has just announced that there will be a guaranteed return of 1.9% of the pension fund for the next 12 months as the lowest boundary. In other words one can now benefit from potential market recoveries for the coming year with the absolute security to have that guarantee level at at minimum of 1.9%. If you want more information about this case, take a look at Canada Life’s latest press release. Also feel free to contact under in case you have questions regarding this topic.