Less stress, more me-time, exercise every day – this year starts again with lots of New Year’s resolutions. In the beginning you are motivated, but in the long run it is often very difficult to keep your resolutions. We’ll show you four benefits that can easily help you implement some of your resolutions for this year.


Your resolution: “In the new year I want to …

... be more economical!"

Our very personal savings tip is the following: Receive the € 44 tax-free benefit on a specially designated credit card. You can use this to pay as you would with any other credit card, but you don’t see the money in your usual account overview. The principle: Out of sight, out of mind. I don’t keep my credit card in my wallet, but separately. “Fallen into oblivion” you can save a considerable amount of money (over € 500 per year) very quickly.

... invest better!"

In yourself! With a company pension you create security for your retirement age. Every employee can claim this and adapt it individually for himself, did you know that?

Just ask your employer or contact us if you have any further questions.

... eat healthier!"

The Christmas cookies on your hips, this is already an oldie among the New Year’s resolutions. In order not to always resort to quick, unhealthy and, above all, cheaper snacks, we have a tip for you: Lunch Money for employees makes healthy eating very easy. For example, we get up to € 6.50 per meal 15 times a month from our employer. It doesn’t matter whether you order something, go shopping yourself or (!) cook at home. Because it also works in the home office 😋 Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it is! And here, too, every employer can find an individual solution.

... reduce stress!"

And this is again about a savings tip, because what stresses new parents more than daycare fees that are far too high? With the #Daycareallowancethe care costs for children can be covered by the employer.

Our tip:

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