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Benefits in the Cloud

Bendesk is a cloud-based SaaS solution for managing all benefits within your company. This ranges from the company pension plan to the mobility grant to lunch money. Benefits have never been so easy to manage.

Tax advantages

By using benefits in a smart way, you can actively save taxes and contributions. We offer you a transparent and personal consultation, through which you can decide which resources you want to invest in your employees.

Employee motivation

Increase satisfaction, retention, innovation and performance. With Bendesk, you get an intuitive tool to position yourself as a strong employer brand and boost employee motivation.


With Bendesk, HR departments not only have an intuitive overview of all key figures and benefits. They can flexibly select from the numerous benefits and adapt them to the individual needs of the employees.

Employees also get their own access to the platform. There they can discover the benefits selected for them. In addition, numerous functions are offered, such as a salary calculator or a lifelong document safe.


How do I manage my employee benefits in a legally secure way?

Corporate pension seems to be too complicated?

How does the corporate pension scheme work?

Many companies miss out on the significant benefits of employee benefits because they are time-consuming to implement and manage.

Be safe with Bendesk!

We are always at the side of companies and employees and get the best out of payroll with our many years of expertise.

Bendesk facilitates access to even complex benefits such as company pension plans in a clear and lucrative manner.

Not only does your company benefit, but also your most important resource:

Your employees!

To the Employer benefits

To the Employee benefits

End the Benefit Chaos!

Whether vouchers for employees, meal allowances or company pension schemes – we tell you everything you need to know about tax-free benefits in kind and employee benefits.

Do you still have questions?

Popular Benefits


Corporate Pension


Discounts on own Products


Recreational Allowance

Job ticket

Transportation Allowance

Digital Aid

Internet Subsidy

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