For companies

By using benefits, you not only save taxes and fees. Bendesk simplifies annoying bureaucratic processes and thus relieves the HR department.

Employee loyalty

Your employees are the true heroes of your company. With bendesk you have an intuitive tool to retain your employees and position yourself as a strong employer brand. With the wide range of benefits, you also show your appreciation.

Employee Motivation

With bendesk, your company can saves wage costs and taxes at one click. And all this while the employees effectively get more net salary.

Legal security

Be safe with bendesk! Since our platform does not allow illegal combinations, you can choose different benefits for your employees without worrying.


Individually customisable, intuitively controllable: bendesk offers the most important key figures at a glance. This way, the benefit selection and the monetary advantages for you and your employees are clearly visualised.


Put an end to paperwork and annoying waiting loops. bendesk offers you the digital solution, compact and legally secure in a cloud.


With expertise through the world of benefits. bendesk is always at your side with years of experience and knowledge.

Save taxes and fees easily with bendesk

Almost all benefits are tax-advantaged or, as in the example of the BenCard, even completely tax-free. This allows you, as an employer, to take advantage of tax advantages or to guarantee employees more net salary.