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More net income, less effort. HR expert tridion benefits on the future staff 2019 | Press release

Cologne, 04.09.2019: The management of corporate benefits presents many companies with challenges. They see no light at the end of the pension tunnel, tax advantages are not used, there is less net for the worker.

Anyone who no longer sees the forest in front of corporate benefits, guidelines and guidelines is giving away valuable potential […]

Den Wandel der Arbeitswelt auf der Zukunft Personal erleben | NEWS

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In just a few weeks, the 20th anniversary of Zukunft Personal, the leading European trade fair for HR management, digitisation and leadership, will take place in Cologne from 17 to 19 September. FĂŒhrungskrĂ€fte und Personalentscheider aus allen Unternehmensbereichen erhalten Einblicke in die neuesten Entwicklungen im Personalwesen und tauschen sich zu neuesten Innovationen und aktuellen Trends aus. […]
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